Strangers With T-Shirts

Don't take candy from strangers. We've got shirts you can buy, though.

About Us

Self-proclaimed “Power Couple” and aging millennials bent on destroying whatever obsolete industry happens to be failing at the time. We channel our shared dark sense of humor, infatuation with horror, and otherwise misplaced creativity into designs for T-Shirts.

Why shirts?

Who doesn’t love a good a good novelty tee!? We certainly do! Particularly our resident Memestress who prides herself in acquiring cheeky t-shirts.

Where do these designs come from?

The Memestress is the driving force behind most of the designs. Whether they’re original bangers or, in true meme spirit, our own spin on familiar funnies, if the design is humorous it came from her. She IS the Memestress, after all. Alternatively, if the design is horror-related it was conjured by the Wizard. The Wizard is responsible for the transmutation of concepts and physical designs into the digital realm.

While each design comes together differently, often the Memestress sketches out the design using the sacred old ways. Then the Wizard digitizes the sketch using a kind-of, sort-of, not really comic book style method of applying flats/colors, linework, and other details.