Strangers With T-Shirts

Don't take candy from strangers. We've got shirts you can buy, though.

Lines Stranger Designs

Twisted graphic designs by Strangers With T-Shirts.

Like Butter

Smooth, tasty, and absolutely dripping. With a wink and a kiss this cartoon "Like Butter" design will fit you like... well, like butter.

Morally & Financially Bankrupt

No money AND no morals? Let everyone know with this funny saying. When you're Morally & Financially Bankrupt what have you got to lose? Certainly not your shame.

Uni-Kitty-Corn T-Shirt

What do you get when you combine a unicorn, candy corn, and a kitty cat? The cutest magical Halloween candy creature you can find on a shirt.

Personal Pizza

Any pizza is a personal pizza... if you're sad enough. Don't tell me you've never crushed an entire pizza by yourself. We all have. Right? Right!?

Cute Goat Pentagram

Isn't it the cutest little Black Phillip looking goat you've ever seen?! With the bubblegum pentagram not even the dark lord could resist letting out an, "awwww."

Cute Goat Hail Satan

Bubblegum pentagram, cute goat looking all Black Phillip, and a friendly "Hail Satan". Embrace the cuteness, embrace Satan.

Dancing Woman Pink Silhouette

Beautiful plus size ballet dancer in silhouette. The off-pink was originally the color of our body positive painting's background. Color switched here to work better on dark colors. Also available as a black silhouette.

Dancing Woman Silhouette

Beautiful plus size ballet dancer in silhouette. Taken from of our own body positive painting. Also available in a pink silhouette for dark colors.

Red-Eyed Skull

This creepy skull was designed with the aid of machine learning. We gave it normal eye sockets and AI decided NOPE, shiny red stones for eyes! And those nightmare teeth!