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Don't take candy from strangers. We've got shirts you can buy, though.
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Tag horror

Red-Eyed Skull

This creepy skull was designed with the aid of machine learning. We gave it normal eye sockets and AI decided NOPE, shiny red stones for eyes! And those nightmare teeth!

What Could Go Wrong? Skull

"What Could Go Wrong?" Something is off about this red-eyed skull. Seems suspicious. Sounds like famous last words to me.

Retro Jack O’ Lantern

Trick or treat! Celebrate Halloween properly with this vintage, 70s inspired striped Jack-O'-Lantern design, a Hallows Eve variation of our Retro Pumpkin shirt!

Retro Pumpkin

Harvest some autumn vibes of yesteryear with this 70s inspired orange stripe gradient retro pumpkin design.